Friday, January 29, 2010

Sisters Getting Wedgie Stories Older Sisters: Have You Ever Given You Younger Siblings A Wedgie?

Older Sisters: Have you ever given you younger siblings a wedgie? - sisters getting wedgie stories

Why did you get that?
What has been done for the cause?
You return a day?
Have you ever been a wedgie before?


... said...

ok I'm not the brother that I am the younger sister .. when I was 4 years old, my sister just for fun lol its only a sister, haha I can imagine he has anything to provoke or maybe just bother me, will not again do the things I always intend to me in my clothes lol actually in the middle, where it began

nikarena... said...

I am the middle child (daughter) and my brother, I do not mind, so I gave him a wedgie Haninge in the door. It was funny that I was still stuck there and started screaming and my brother had to download it. Before I knew my older brother took me and gave me a wedgie, and left me hanging there for 5 minutes after I started to cry over what let me down! I have never been my brother has a new song on Sunday

~!~Apes~... said...

I did it because we were getting into. Charity. Pushing the ice back to him.
They did nothing.

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